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Hey Friend – Thanks For Stopping By! I’m Rahul Singh, A Dropshipping Entrepeneur.

I Started Dropshipping in August 2020 When Everything Was Locked And There Was No Option To Earn Money. I Was Learning Things Since Long Before But Not Implementing Thing Because I Was Busy To Deliver Food Through Swiggy For The Living And I Had Launched A Cafe Named Chai Shaukeen's Bar Just Before Covid In Jan.

So Let Me Share You The Things I Faced In My Life But I Am Still Here...

I Lived In A Very Small Village Till Class 12th And completed My Schooling There.
I Lost My Father When I Was in Class 12th. He Was A Farmer.
I Had Two Elder Sister To Marry.
My Family Had No Source Of Income Except Farmiring And Animal Husbandry.
My Mother Sent Me To Our Nearest City Prayagraj For Defence Preparation.
I Studied So Hard To Get The Job In defence To improve My Family Situation But I Failed (Medical Unfit).
I Had No Option Except To Do Something In My Own.
So I joined Ola And swiggy For Living Because I Was Feeling Guilt That My Mother Is Working So Hard To Give Me Money To live In Prayagraj.
Except That I Bought A Loptop In EMI To Learn Something Online To Make Money And Learning Thing Whenever I Get the Time From My Job.
I Saved Some Money To Do A Startup Named Chai Shaukeen's Bar In Jhalwa, Prayagraj With My 2 Partner.
We Launch Our Start up in Jan 2020. I Was Going Good.
After 2 Month Of Launch, Covied Attacted. Everything Got Locked. Whatever We had Saved, Gone In Rented Of That Shop.
There Was No Hope For Me.
Than I focused What I Had. I Implemented Whatever Knowledge I Gained In Last 1 Years In Online Business.
I Started My First Online Business In August Which Was Indian Dropshipping.
There Was So Many Reason To Choose Dropshipping.
I Doesn't Need To Own Any Products. There Is No Upfront Payment To Pay Except Facebook Marketing Budget.
Shopify Provides 14 Days Free Trial. Generating Sales Is Very Easy As Indian Market Is So Big.
Facebook Marketing Cost Is Very Low Compare To USA Or Other Foriegn Countries.
I Was Working With Meesho Initially. My First Website Was An Apparel Niche And T-Shirt Was Micro Niche In That.
I Started To Promote T-Shirts And Got A Very Good Result. In First Month I Make Around 30K Profit That Was Huge For Me In That Time.
Very Soon I Got 12 Rank In Meesho In Utter Pradesh.
Than I Shift My Business From Chai Shaukeen Bar To My Online Website Because In My Offline Business I Was In A Big Loss.
I Shut Chai Shaukeen's Bar In Oct And Totally Focused In My Dropshipping Business.
I Faced So Many Challenges In That Journey Like Initially I Didn't Know About RTO (Return To Origin) So Meesho Blocked My Account.
I Tried Dfferent Accounts. I Also Joined Shop101 (Another Reselling App), Glowroad And Shopsy (Flipkart Reselling App).
After One Year Of Dropshipping, In Oct 2021, I Asked My Mother To Come In Prayagraj And Live With Me. My Elder Sister Got Married. My Mother Lives With Me In Prayagraj.
I Feel Very Satisfied Now And Working So Hard To Complete My All The Dreams. Now I Want To Help People Who Is Like Me And Facing So Many Challenges In Their Life That's Why I Launched DROPSHIP INCOME ACADEMY To Help People Who Wanna Make Money Online But Don't Know How To Start. I Will Help Them To Not Repeat The Same Mistake Which I Have Done My Journey. I Will Provide You The Exact Blueprint Which I Use To Run A Successful Indian Dropshipping Business.


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